Friday, January 26, 2007

Where's the Wit?

Working on a play, that's where I am.

Fear not, more silliness and agressive digression will soon appear; I have several posts I'm in the middle of, and I'm procrastinating quite nicely about finishing them.

Besides, my wife's the director, so I have to stay focused and do a frigging great job. Which does not involve doing things as I did this evening, such as running, hard, into the side of a flat. That's gonna be a lovely bruise.

This was compensated for somewhat by a very interesting conversation with one of the other actors about quantum physics. No, really! Man, what a couple of nerds we are....

Back at ya soon....

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The Eye Wit said...

A reader of the Eye Wit's ravings here wrote in to ask what the play was that I was working on. It's called The Smell of the Kill, and you can find out lots about it, if you're curious, at the theatre's web page on the play:

Among other things, The Eye Wit is the Webmaster of the site. You just never know where I might be causing trouble.