Saturday, January 13, 2007

About the Next Story.... It's Like This:

I don't actually remember when I started writing this story. My bad.

I know how it got started; I was trolling for stories for the news-based Mediacrity contest at Humor Me Online. We take an odd, bizarre or sick yet real news item, and the players send in whatever kind of comeback hits their brains. Out of these, I pick a list of the funniest entries, select some winners, and we move onto the next story. It's fun, do drop in some time.

This particular news item was about a guy who got busted for selling pot while working in a McDonald's drive-through. Enterprising, at the very least. I didn't wind up using the story, but apparently, I started jotting this thing down, after which it completely skipped my mind. Strange, because it's thirteen hand-written pages, and isn't even finished. Sue me, I got on a sesame-seed roll....

What's really pointless is that here I am, introducing the story, and the introduction will appear below the story and a lot of people will never read it.

Well, no plan is flawless.

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