Thursday, September 14, 2006

Intermission, with Digression in C Minor Flat

I am definitely going to finish the previous post, but I'm having a difficult week and haven't felt well enough to concentrate to write it as well and with as much clarity as it should be.

Well, the words & concepts are on deck in my head, and I know where I'm going with it. However (whine), I have a serious problem with my neck, am waiting on test results, and am generally having a bad, painful time. (End of whine. It's safe to read again).

So, since I'm in "Short Attention Span Theatre" territory, why not have a round of

Nagging Imponderable Questions in Life

These are the questions that creep into your head randomly, and against your will. They always seem to be in response to things that, really, don't merit a lot of thinking time, but the questions keep coming back nonetheless. Why is that? I believe that the reason is this: These questions are usually about why something is so stupid?? The brain, in many peoples cases (but not nearly enough), would like there to be less stupidity in the world. To have just a little bit more peace of mind and tranquilty without having to send off to Canada for drugs, because the drug companies have a license to gouge in the U.S. Since the stupid things just keep on happening, the questions aren't going to go away by themselves.

-Why is it that in most car commercials, they show off the vehicle by having it driven in ways that you should never drive? Yeah, yeah, they have that tiny disclaimer about the professional driver and the closed course; so what?

-On the same subject, have you ever noticed that in most car commericals, they've sprayed water on the road? What the hell is that for? Other than wasting water with which certain friends of mine could water their cash crop? (Cannabis sativa)

-AND, why do people buy into the idiotic notion that your car is an extension of your personality? That you HAVE to spend however many dollars it takes to "make your statement"?? It's transportation, it's a tool, dammit! Do you really need to have the seats upholstered with the skins of young, virgin kangaroo rats? The kangaroo rats sure as hell don't think so.

-Whitney Houston married Bobby Brown in 1992. In case you hadn't noticed, it's 2006. It took her fourteen years to figure out that he's a dangerous and abusive person?? Congrats on filing for divorce, Whit.... I hope you're not being too impulsive.

-Think about it: E-mail spam only seems to keep increasing. But- They wouldn't keep doing it, it would make no business sense to pay for it, if there weren't people actually buying the crap and generating profits? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??

-Why is there an expiration date on bottled water?

-Is it just me, or doesn't the multi-million dollar award given to the woman who put a cup of hot coffee that she ordered through the drive-in in her crotch still bother you? She put a stinking cup of hot liquid next to her genitals, drove off, and it spilled and scalded her. McDonald's was negligent and at fault because "nobody told me that hot coffee was hot"?? I want to meet these jurors who concluded that hot coffee should be crotch-friendly. I also want to know why there isn't a "Stupid Bitch" clause in liablity cases?

-Shouldn't we have all the scientists who are working in advanced computing to develop artificial intelligence go and try to do something about the White House first?

-Why is it called "dusting the furniture" when the object of the task is to remove dust?

-Could someone explain to me why it's imperative to outlaw gay marriages in the name of "Saving and Protecting the Sanctity of the Institution of Marriage" when the heterosexuals have a 50% divorce rate? Shouldn't somebody be looking into that?

-Why is the arcane tradition, when a man proposes marriage to a woman, that he do so on one knee? Shouldn't he be standing, so he can run like hell if necessary?

-Why do politicians typically put out a press release saying that they're going to announce their candidacy & intent to run for an office some time "in the next week"? Seems to me that the press release just did announce the candidacy, or am I just crazy?

-How can the words "flammable" and "inflammable" mean the same bloody thing?

-Most of all, why am I writing this silliness when it's 2:10 a.m.?

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