Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shameless Plug

I'll be interviewed tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern time on Dialogue Between the Lines with Susan Wingate and Joshua Graham. We're going to talk about books, writing, and other creative-type stuff.

For those of who who cannot listen live, it will be available on the archive page, the link for which I'll post as soon as it's up.

Among other things, we'll probably answer the question about why I haven't posted here in a long while.... The short answer is that I've been "good" and have been working on my more difficult projects.

"Surely," many of my readers and friends have said, "someone who talks as much as you do should be able to spend enough time to put up at least ONE blog a week." This is a good point. So, I'll do my best to do so, and I thank everyone who's nagged me about it.

Anyway, do tune in and listen, and hopefully it will be compelling, interesting, enlightening, somewhat odd, and just plain fun. Or, I'll crash and burn. No pressure. I'm trying not to get nervous about it, but it's bound to wind up with me reading an excerpt from my three-book series, which generally scares me to death.

However, it ain't gonna stop me!


Mariann Simms said...

I am looking forward to hearing it...and to finally read another blog of yours (which is long overdue).


Jane Turley said... exciting! I can't wait to hear you and listen to what you say about books, Mark! I think that's 6pm GMT so hopefully I shall be able to tune in but if those kids distract me I will definitely be checking out the archive.

I have to agree with others that it would be great to see you blog more often. You are way too funny to deny us the pleasure - on the other hand if you've been writing your novel and making good progress I understand - blogging is fun but very distracting:)