Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Problem With Adding Comments

Thanks to you who've written me saying nice things about my posts. Several said they would have added it as a comment, but it didn't work.

There IS a problem there, and this is what it is:

Microsoft Internet Explorer, any version, does not get along with the updated Blogger program.

Oh, it'll bring the box up & let you think you'll be able to add a comment to the blog here, but when you hit "Publish your comment", it goes awry and never posts, no matter what you do. Even if YOU have a blogger ID and sign in with it, Internet Explorer will simply not process it right.

In fact, I can't do anything on nor to my blog with going through another browser. To be able to interact with "Blogger" blog pages (by the way, Google/Gmail operates them), I recommend Firefox. That's what I use, and I have no problems. Netscape works fine, too.

"But then I have more than one browser!" you say. "Won't that screw up my main Internet program?"

Nope. Your computer identifies, via your choice, which browser is the default. Your Internet service program will always go to it, and having any of the others won't interfere at all. I have Firefox and Netscape (If one goes down, I have options); to activate them, I click on those icons, and it opens right up. It doesn't interfere at all with my open Internet service program. Each are good back-ups for different reasons. Firefox has a pile of add-ons & ancillary services. Netscape, while having a great search engine, IS owned by AOL, and that makes me wary right there.

Anyway, there you go. I hope I'll see some comments actually popping up on the page, now that I've cleared up the problem that a lot of you may have encountered.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Mr. OneShed -

Stop making it too difficult for us. We want to make naughty snide comments - you know, like we have a right to. ;)

Name Withheld Upon Request

The Eye Wit said...

Well, it seems that the smartass above was able to post that comment using Internet Explorer. Thus did she brag to me in an e-mail. While the source may or may not be credible ;) I guess it must work for some people. Then again, I'm positive that it hasn't for others. Therefore, my advice is still potentially useful.

If there's a difference in the effectiveness of IE7 vs. IE6 in this regard, I honestly don't know. I tried IE7, and it made my scanner stop working, so I took it off. I took it ALL off (Insert cheap stripping music). Also, God only knows what Vista will do. I have no intention of touching that beast for a long while to come. They're STILL patching all the security holes in Windows XP.

But I digress.